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Is the drama of Newtown, the tip of an iceberg?




Individualism was the cause of individual striving and competition by social degradation degenerated into violence for place and position against all social interests, and building social castes however by which the roots of Western civilization and society were a fact. By discord and violence weakened communities could therefore their place and position in favorable and especially tropical areas on the continental mainland not maintained, allowing them to islands and later to cooler areas in Europe and Asia had to yield. Such evolutions stood at the cradle of Western civilization, and drawing it until today.

The toll of the multicultural society:

Cultural Blending and mixing people encounter anywhere on collisions of ideologies and beliefs making masses sources of conflict everyday life filling. Also profound and entrenched disparities deliver masses tensions and stress. Our western societies are now a cauldron in which the little man has to work hard while the elite medieval habit to bathe in opulence.


December 2012 and the massacre in a school in Newtown, Connecticut, USA.

It is striking that one suggesting that on Friday, December 14, a 20-year old defender, named Adam Lanza, first his 52 year old mother in her home killed and then with her car to the school Sandy Hook went, where he the school building invaded and then twenty six old children and six adults coldly murdered. The youthful offender is described as well gifted, but such description is the result of a description of high talent, often referred to only one kind of development. Our mental processing is bound and limited to the processing power of our brains, allowing high giftedness connected mostly to lack of development in other areas, such as in this case indeed shows. Giftedness is reflected here as connected to the complete absence of social development and adaptability, making this young man as a moron in the social field can be considered.


What's wrong?

The widening gap between youth and freedom on the one hand and lack of direct social contact in daily life, especially with the growing isolation of youth through high demand for controlled scattering via radio, TV, social networks and electronic communication, create alienation in a society, while tolerance and pluralism disappear like snow in the sun. Open space and recreation presented by private individuals, companies and governments in these sizes manipulated so that spontaneous relaxation and creativity for the youth or the population hardly anything remains, and social contacts in high dimensions are repressed. By the prearranged relaxation arises not only a gap in its own spontaneity and possibilities, but this is also a kind of indirect surveillance and restrictions, making people and especially the youth the true spontaneous relaxation lose. Many leisure activities continue taking through commercialization outside the reach of the general public, making envy to the advanced a clear feeding gets some aggression within a society fueling. Controlled relaxation, commercialization and lack of uncontrolled and free space, presented however their toll to the community. High Descending frustrations in society are not to escape, causing massive abuses occur, and objects for civilian or military purposes bandied abused and utensils, weapons or fast vehicles as deadly weapons are. Urbanization promotes social degradation due to lack of anchoring in the own environment and recognition of and in the environment.

Besides all this, our advanced science by the same mental disturbance infected and go gifted scientists use their knowledge against all social and societal interests in the human optimal survival to offer at birth or even before birth without any account for the impact and consequences. It banishes the natural selection and not infrequently creates creatures that not adapt in any natural society or can't survive.

The average level of social development in Western society is dramatically decreasing, whereas crime flourishes luxuriantly as fruits on the field, and the population lives under constant stress and uncertainty. A growing proportion of the population demands an unfair share of the resources while effectively forces often have to work for a pittance.

In the current state of affairs can now with certainty assume that the incident of Newtown, only a foretaste of what will be tomorrow daily events. Make yourself the sum of the decreasing overall development and intelligence, growing social degradation, increasing poverty and deprivation among the working class and extremely bulging wealth at an increasing mass of privileged at the expense of the workman and lower class. All this while working caste getting better through communication and electronic imaging of radio, TV and computer knowledgeable and articulate is. The call for proper rights of the working caste is no longer under control and sounds louder every day, while the mass of deprived grows, increases the opposition, smoldering revolt and rebellion, fueled by the growing sense of injustice. Add to this the growing overpopulation, shrinking resources for this growing mass, and shrinking land surface by melting of the poles, and the result is easily made. Poor or uninhabitable highlands are after all not threatened by the melting of the ice caps but favorable and threatened lowland are necessary for survival.

American freedom to arm themselves:

It is logical that in countries with abundant weapons were distributed and dispersed the population is forced to protect themselves by arms. The masses of weapons in private hands threaten, seen in such a case, there is no adequate control can be conducted. The fact that in such countries the bearing of arms in public is almost commonplace and considered as necessary makes the risk for civilians only bigger. The spread of weapons to curb is almost meaningless, given enormous circuits arise from discarded of army weapons used by governments for sale offered when discarded as obsolete, together with the capacity remaining and related ammunition. This gives the government a partial recovery of costs by selling discarded military equipment. Simultaneously creates this an enormous danger because it is impossible to verify where that these weapons will end. A system that besides the arms industry also governments provide with additional gains. Also limitations in dissemination of weapons of war here will only lead to more illegal and uncontrolled possession of such weapons, which jeopardizes rather bigger than smaller. The strict limitation of the arms trade will only over the years to have any effect, but only when such action government after government is maintained.


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