Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Psychological torture is like an invisible weapon.



Harassment are nothing less than a mental torture while no observable physical wounds are left behind, but has indeed more fearsome impact on the victim, given the environment is often not aware of it and nobody can perceive any direct traces. Through absence of observable physical and visual traces are the complaints of victims all too often ignored, and so the moral violence be reinforces up to a true torture. The legislator does not consider adequately the violence that by harassment and moral violence is committed, while the penalty remains substandard which bullying and moral violence only fueled. Harassment committed by children belonging to the development of the child from the individualistic Western world, but they need through education, punishment and deterrence be limited, to avoid that this by adults as a standard would be considered and accepted.

The use of psychological violence often occurs in those who are unable to maintain themselves opposite others, conditions or circumstances, and is therefore due to the inherent defect and the inability own person or position in a reasonable manner to maintain. Harassment and psychological violence conceal the incompetence and social disability of bullies. Especially people who want to conceal incompetence of their capacity, goes morally commit violence against those who indeed have the necessary skills.

There are many reasons why people use psychological violence against others.

It is directed against the weakest in the area and is in the presence of others, to oneself as stronger and more able to accentuate.

It is aimed against subordinates who by high and actual ability are a threat to their position.

It is aimed against the subordinates to oneself to glorify the sense of self and their own sense of power to increase.

It is aimed at people who knows their mistakes and incompetence, but which one knows or assumes that they are not willing to conceal such serious errors or to collaborate.


“Sanitary Cordon” is a form that is based on Generalization and both socially and psychologically the lowest which one could offenses. Generalizing contradicts intelligence and is absurd under real intellectuals. The exclusion of communities under Generalizing leads to racial discrimination among others, and is a result of stupid approach by prejudice. Politics exclude a party because of its ideology is a direct attack on democracy and freedom of expression of the people or followers of the excluded party, and a distortion of political judgment and democratic rights of the people.

The “Sanitary Cordon” around the Flemish right-wing party "Vlaams Belang" is an example and shows that in Belgium there can be no democracy, but it is also a form of psychological torture directed to all who join in such party, a crime which all other parties to join, including "NV-A" that is threatens also to become a victim of such “Sanitary Cordon”, and even including the judicial authorities that the former "Vlaams Blok" condemned for racism.

Building a "Sanitary cordon" or isolating through a cordon, which is directed toward a particular group, however, fundamentally is similar to racism and in both cases it is based on the principle of assessment under the "membership of a particular development "or in other words an bluntly Generalizing.

The takeover of the "Vlaams Blok", namely by the "Vlaams Belang" however, has the crucial mistake committed themselves to assault by Generalizing of all Muslims as the same beings and as extremists and threats to security marked and excluding. A decision, however, which through an important part of its members by leaving the party were punish. Here was the democratic power of the people, and only this power and the people who assert themselves and only has or have the right to judge. Other political parties have no right to a politic party or voice of the people to exclude.

If there is a direct and undisputed danger to the community is present, are it the police forces and judicial authorities to act properly. Even those who claim to be against a particular ideology have no right to this ideology to exclude, especially if it appears that a considerable part of the population within a community that ideology approves or give voice. It is up to the politicians to listen to every voice in the community and to the wishes and aspirations of the people to meet, and serious reason to complain to avoid.

The political forces in Belgium are clearly focused on the needs and interests of the monarchy, while moral violence, moral torture and harassment of opponents warp and weft, and the press clearly does not answer, which in itself raises serious questions concerning press freedom and freedom of speech and expression. Especially the government parties in the lead, CD&V and Open-VLD, shun not to shady practices but come by every turn in discredited, while they using loopholes and various ways or press prosecutors and judges, courts prevented to prosecute or convict such.

Nobody can deny that the Belgian government devotes more attention to the welfare of even extreme criminals than for the interests of their victims.

Belgium is a civilized country where malpractices of top officials and agents who belong to the ruling parties through collective collegiality kept hidden from the public.

The clear pressure created by the success of the emerging NV-A is increased, while this a signal must be for the traditional parties to listen to the people, but the pressure and moral violence against the opposition, in particular the right wing parties "NV -A" and "Vlaams Belang" is clearly increased just as covert harassment and violence against stubborn opponents. There are no corrupt practices behind the scenes shunned, and falsification of statements and writings are rife, where leading members of government parties are guilty to.

With the carnival celebration anno 2013 Aalst, the public was confronted with the fact that a group of carnival revelers in Aalst occurred in "Nazi" uniform complete with a deportation car for Jews and containers called "Zyklon-B gas", a gas the Nazis for gassing Jews used, thereby clearly referring to the NV-A and explicitly to their leader Bart De Wever.

This was a direct and clear, but nasty attack on the center-right wing on the rise and popularity of NV-A and their leader. Adverse comments about this disgusting performance from the corner of UNESCO were by Flemish Culture Minister Joke Schauvliege (CD & V) prompt exculpating. Minister Joke Schauvliege a woman of the Government in the year 2013, portrays herself thus as a social moron, but also her female colleague and Secretary of State for Open-VLD with XXL size, Maggie De Block, has not to be inferior to her and doesn’t shuns even conscious and extremely morally violence, including against children. But also and especially Minister Annemie Turtelboom and the other members of the government who tacitly agree have tons of butter on their heads and are in all circumstances and emphatically guilty.

The question arises whether there others than social retards in the Belgian governments, but the fear is whether other than these may take part in such governments, and that normal people are not as disturbing, displaced by the sickly antisocial mass of government representatives. The fact that this is by political majorities as acceptable carnival theatre described nevertheless raises questions, and points to a widespread social decline of some Belgian political communities. His Majesty also doesn’t pull up one's socks, like the last always the case was, but remains silent and thus shown a shameless and tacit approval.


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