Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

The unbelievable joke: Anno 4000 AC an archaeologist finds a book:



Anno 4000 AC an archaeologist finds a book with notes of World War II in Flanders, Belgium

To understand the meaning of this all, we first have to explain the meaning of the Flemish expression Sjoeke (is pronounced as ”Shoeke”)

The meaning of "Sjoeke" = “sjoe” and the diminutive “ke”

1) An old coin named in Flemish shoe, sjoe or sjoeke (derived from French, an old French Sol or coin)

2) A sweetheart or girlfriend

3) An eclair or oblong coffee cake with pudding filling and chocolate top layer.


Anno 4000 AC an archaeologist finds a book in which a person describes his amorous romps with his Sjoeke. A little further in the book about the World War 40-45 told the writer tell us that the last Sjoekes be divided among the present hungry soldiers and be eaten. Later we read that under the bombing one of the horses had been killed and the soldiers went to buy another horse on the nearest farm for the price of 2 old francs and 5 Sjoekes.


Now it is up to archaeologists to make the meaning of the concept Sjoeke:

So the archaeologists came to the conclusion that Sjoeke stood for female slave in the time that they still cannibalized, you could spend amorous time with her, you could use her as a bargaining chip and could kill her and eat.

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