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Who and what are gods, where do they come from?


(God, his existence or no existence is here not questioning.) 

1)    Human failure and unexplained natural disasters.

Humans, who own consciousness, are faced with phenomena that can’t be explained and therefore will link to powers beyond the scope of that humans located. This awareness makes them ask questions about powers that are aware and towering far above them. Men is thanks to its higher form of consciousness confronted and attribute the inexplicable to those overpowering force or forces as emanate of god or divine powers named.

2)    Need to statements.

A mass events in life and nature are inexplicable, while the question of what happens after life or happening to us and the realization of the finiteness of life, giving power to the believe of take us to the almighty will stay after death and looking back on those who be left behind, gave food for primitive belief in the afterlife and the intercession of deceased relatives there what we could use to our advantage. The latter led indeed to the use of offers to deceased for advocate with specific gods or god. Such faith was far from an actual worship of only one deity, while nature and natural disasters were attributed to specific gods and their mood. Primitive man does not demand a god to control or manage his life but man saves himself and find out for themselves, who do not succeed fall out the wayside.

3)    The individualism.

Faith and religion among white individualists get a completely different turn, and gods will be judges and reward or punish as needed. This phenomenon in the field of social order indicates a need for such interventions and organizations, which in turn only be explained as a result of social degradation of the Westerner. Striking is the phenomenon of GOD as judge and even more, yes indeed, western gods who create laws and rules are only required where the man does not continue to function well to social order of society and the rules of nature and therefore guidelines are needed to maintain the social order. It is striking and normal that just by individualists in Western societies faith linked to gods who judge and condemn, and thus the community will guide to certain standards. It's just the individualism by individual ambition a source of rivalry and competition gives often irresponsible and anti-social behavior which made the society disrupts or may be threatened. A Divine and judicial action and intervention with laws or agreements are thus useful while gods are spoken by their supposed representatives, to laws and agreements powerful to state, enforce and the society to lead.

Social organization and legislation reflect a reversal proportion to the intelligence and ability of law enforcement and leadership. A proportionate reflection of incompetence and degradation of society is given by the existence of a high number or quantity of laws and rules, while a healthy society or an intelligent human being has barely laws needed.

4)    It divine ear which will listen.

Individualism means that by nature each contact individually via sense and logic is approached and experienced. This means for humans, a need for individual acceptance by the person with whom they live or to survive has on the one hand but also the need for individual contact and acceptance. The individualist needs an agreement and equal-minded companionship, and thus a need for this agreement and like-mindedness. The listening ear of those who do not contradict but confirm the individualist offers a welcome relaxation. Creating or imagining a deity who always agree with the actions of his creatures is just what meets individualism, and thus for the individualist will be soon the meaning of a referee who personally bless him and give awards.

5)    The Chief Justice and the assessment of good and evil.

The Individualist world we find faith in gods that man closely monitors and evaluates, but by the Western population is God also judge and executioner. But God is abused for condemned especially the unbelievers and heretics or they show those powers that are not explainable and not at the service of the self-appointed representatives of God are. Especially alleged magicians, healers and herbal experts and described as witches or those who oppose the representatives of the religion and not by religion and their ministers could be subject are their targets of retribution. Even those who follow another religion behold and be condemned as heretics and persecuted in the name of god.

6)    From Social inability to purify the conscience.

Especially social degradation will the individualist lead to the use of faith in God to his social failure and errors to exculpate while the mass of the followers of Christ are told that the good god forgives them all if they show sincerely repent, and without that them is required the crime to compensate or correct. The Roman church presentation or the most extreme social degradation through the sacrament of confession in which the simple explanation of regret and submission to the church, by meeting the penance is enough to return the good believers included in the ranks and purified are.

7)     God as authoritative that confirmed what we want seen confirmed

The gods of the Western peoples are to them the undisputed authoritative that what would be confirmed to the believers, actually will be confirmed by god. This creates the egocentric individualist in his imagination a Supreme Being who is pronouncing on his actions, this is particularly well illustrated in the Bible. The individualist attracting a supreme power and authority to ensure visibility, which allows him to act to own discretion without his emotional life or moral sense will be involved.

8)    The Aryan illness.

The egocentric individualism is the extreme form of individualist degradation and often leads to Psychopathic greed and violence, to subject others to their own wants and needs so that its own vision and personality always will be in the right and be justified, while the own person at the top of the social rank will shine. Here is the lack of ability to maintain in a socially responsible way in society the main reason of this phenomenon. The acquisition of wealth and power will the mental inability to conceal, while this phenomenon quickly a Psychopathic nuance with violence and greed out of all proportion will reach out. The Psychopathic power and money vulture is specific to the egocentric individualism and is clearly reflected in the people who were displaced by better developments toward unlivable and bad areas and only by violence could managed to survive, originally especially in the harsh northern and central interior of Europe and the so named Russian plains. It is striking that these peoples will proclaim them to the Ruling caste and, after natural disasters in the Middle East and North Africa, in these devastated areas which were virtually depopulated, will settle. While the most southerly to penetrate to the west coast of North Africa, the last migration waves that migrated from the northern inland, on the Arabian Peninsula and northern India continue stabbing, because they are interrupted by better and more stable communities who they could not supplant, and so they must accept and be satisfied with what was left. From east we see today extremism in the Middle East and of northern Africa therefore to west greatly reduced. In northern India stranded migrants shall the black Indian peoples to the south supplant and itself as an aggressive and dominant caste to Aria (Aryan) elevate, while Aryan means rulers or lords. We see finally in the areas of these ruling peoples, that great religions get their shape with gods at the people act and intervene.

First there is the Bible that will serve as a guide to Judaism and where the Bible preaches violence against non-Jews, as part of the glorification of God and his preference for his chosen people, the Jews.

Here we face the extreme selfishness that is reflected and all other peoples and tribes even violent banish.

The first schism created by the followers of Christ which originally belong to the Jewish community, and Christ as the savior of the people see who the people must redeem from the oppressions The Bible was transferred and adapted to their vision, that the rampant violence against unbelievers reject and tolerance as well as absolute nonviolence preaches, their abhorrence of violence tilted to an absurd and almost boundless charity. Here we are face a contrary vision and change of unlimited violence to unlimited nonviolence.

A second schism created almost 600 years later by the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed that this Bible in a different vision brought and to rewrite a document guiding principle for his Moslems as he described his teachings as Islam. The violence is allowed here again, but only as part of self-preservation that man must make violence just to use for survival, and allowing his followers the right to violence are held up as a right under the phrase "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" This statement may be considered as a ban on indiscriminate violence against anyone either, while it gives right to every injustice that one undergoes an appropriate compensation requirements. This relegates this teaching the Jewish right to violence against dissenters off, but also the senseless and endless servile under rejection and tolerance of Christianity, while this principle the natural urge and need to survival  fill in a realistic way.

Each of these religions will eventually take a direction specific to the lust of the Aryan development and violence are changing in their religion as an services for god.

Hinduism that a belief meaning content that results from the Aryan development, is heavily influenced by the moderate black Indian wearing a major power means in the south, in contrast to previous belief in a supreme god and many subordinate gods, whereas Hinduism as a whole represents a palette with different but similar religions.

The big difference between Bible Religions and Hinduism is that in this there is no question of condemning unbelievers while Hindu religion are all aimed to purify one's own mind and soul.


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