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The enigmatic East Asian: 


We may assume that the population of East Asia, which includes  is one half consists as Indonesia and instinctively nest bound people, who thanks to their high defensibility often especially the more livable coastal  populate and as Indonesian development indicated. The Indonesian development for nearly half determines the Japanese population, while the pro-Western individualists of Ainu make a small half of their population, and a small minority is formed by pro Chinese Loners. The difference between North and South Korea is determined by the living in the South Korea nest formers while in North Korea are predominantly more solitary life, the same distinction indicates the difference between north and South Vietnam. Clashes between the two communities since the inception of the known history, was result of meddling by Western migrants existing communities seek to dominate, and this left their mark by formations kingdoms and the Chinese empire, later by colony formation and entering Bible Religions and political meddling. The indigenous people of both developments in themselves, striving for social peace and avoid any conflicts.

Nesting instinct (Indonesian)

Nesting instinct makes them folds in all possible way to supply their nest and care for. They spare no sacrifice for this. The care of the nest is their first requirement, which is determined by their instincts and their community goes instinctively for the individual, making and violent sacrifice a normal state of affairs where the nest is threatened (Kamikaze). The greatest humiliation for them is the failure to protect or provide for the needs of their community or family, which has led to its failure Samurai went over to gruesome suicide as self-punishment (Harakiri). Young people, even children from these groups often sacrifice themselves in order to satisfy the appetites of western tourists and earn money for the family, while their natural instincts turns off the personal feelings and they apparently with full dedication merged herein. Even seemingly homosexuality here is only part of the maintenance of the family, and has nothing to do with real homosexuality (sex tourism). This population is in peacetime surprisingly gentle, a direct result of their knowledge that they need to take care of the nest and aggression just looking up meant danger, meaning the risk making it impossible to protect their community.

Solitary instinct (Chinese):

The second major development, we find there instinctively solitary people who were displaced by their aversion to physical violence and their helplessness everywhere inland given development that is considered as typical Chinese.

Striking to the solitary development is the fact that their instinctive orientations manifests a certain indifference towards feelings and suffering of others, while the average solitaire quickly willing to help others and to avoid suffering. Those loners have an absolute aversion to random violence, but are not grieved for those who pose a danger and be inquired sentenced to death, on the contrary.

A second striking difference with other developments can be found in the fact that loners have a horror of physical contact with others, except for the solid relationships with close relatives as partners, parents and children, while the physical contact is limited for them to superficial touches, and intimate contacts are limited to sexual intercourse with a partner. Sexual desire can’t be induced in them by caresses or lovemaking but are spontaneously present, and only to the partner when they request it.

A third phenomenon peculiar to the solitary instinct is that the loners themselves barely or not can defend by a total lack of competitive drive. Their instinct hinder coupling of feeling to other people but also compete or prepare to others or to social standards, but this means that the equilibrium is determined in their society by sheer social intelligence of the members and a total non-violent nature which itself arises from the lack of competitive drive . This is also found little or no sports practice unless it is practiced purely playful.

A fourth phenomenon that directly arises from the foregoing is the fact that helplessness leads to flight instead of defense, where they can escape for aggression and violence. Their vulnerability also result if they can’t shun aggression or violence, they all abandon, including both friends and relatives or children. Where the solitary itself from aggression, violence or mental pressure can’t escape, he will grab the ultimate escape and commit suicide. This also explains why mixed communities where solitary match, facing the highly competitive westerner or to work under a Western system and survive, you will find extremely high suicide rates.

For instance:

Approximate rates around 2000: Japan has the highest rate of suicides of industrialized countries and is composed as follows, 45% Indonesian, 35% and 20% Ainu or individualism solitary.

Approximate rates around 2000: Sri Lanka has the world's highest number of suicides and consists of 35% Individualists, 40% of Indonesians and 25% solitary.

It is especially remarkable that suicides are not preceded by clear depression. Tensions are discernible only by their roommates. To the outside world, the solitary show them overalls as always cheerful and relaxed about, only in unguarded moments they will exhibit traces of stress. However, it is striking that they often seem exceptionally relaxed right before their suicide, which may be a result of their decision to commit suicide and the prospect of the end of an inhuman inner suffering. The way they rid themselves of life is often very subtle and far from dramatic, where eating narcotic but deadly fruit seems to be really popular where they are in the nature available. It is clear that their solitary instinct prevented them to show feelings to others while sensitive and observant relatives are able to notice changes in their minds if they devote attention to them. However, they disconnect without any noticeable objection all ties with their environment, family and parents or children where they can't handle aggression and pressure. Young people often already at the end of puberty, where they trusted the protective band not find or lose, and their fate be left seemingly relaxed suicide accommodate.

Mixed Asian community:

Where by mixing the two Asian developments in one family or community occur will be the nest formers who stand up for others and protect them spontaneously, even if they are the youngest and physically weakest in the family or group. If the solitary a partner who presents peace and certainty gets from a Western point of view a numb yet extremely caring partner for their protector will adhere tenaciously to this, but also her partner may simply release when the protection ends. If the solitary gets a partner who peace and certainty gives, they meet from a Western point of view a numb yet extremely caring partner for their protector who will adhere tenaciously to this, but also her partner may simply release when the protection ends.

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