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Is there a future for Europe? 


If we analyze the political, economic and social affairs until today we can draw from this any prognosis.

The European Union:

That the formation of the European Union was a need is undeniable, but cooperation should be limited to general economic and social interests of the Member States. The European authority currently exceeds this target and robbed the people of Europe, both participation and empowerment to local need. Eventually those among them who don’t even make the effort be rewarded with the fruits of those who is active, so that all workers be discouraged and not properly rewarded for their efforts.

The management of the Union hasn’t enough necessary structure while the people neither fathom nor control over the resources they have to provide for the Union. The people are, however, facing massive waste and extremely high fees for non, only a few or negative results of the Union.

Open borders which should improve the internal goings within the Union, however, uncontrolled traffic generated which mainly makes the Mafia gratefully use. Control and police action were not adjusted, with all detrimental effects and growing cross-border crime.

Immigration from outside the European Union:

Pressure from Europe to house refugees, exceeds the capabilities not, but profligacy and corruption have the resources so far affected that spending the last few decades the possibilities has exceeded, while almost all Western countries on the brink of their calculated opportunities are consuming. Oddly enough, our European governments remained blind to the rising power of Third World countries and their growing economy, while they gradually win over the market, but as the economy and the related income in western governments and the population catastrophic damage.

Along with the flow of refugees they come who can’t make it in their own country, which inevitably outcasts and criminals are in the first ranks, mostly lured by the wealth of Western countries, gained in robbery on colonies and the high raised work rate in our own mass productions.

Impact of the Bible on society:

The Bible presents a remarkable anti-social foundation, namely the distinction between believers who will be rewarded with eternal bliss in the Kingdom of God and the unbelievers who will be damned, and The Kingdom of God will not enter.

The Bible is not only the most widely read but also most accursed book in history, and as a Guide 3 major faith communities and based on lasting violence and injustice between people and communities. The Bible is indeed the book in which God man to condemn the violence or incites violence and encourages them. A document that interprets each faith community or sect at own will and insight, and many diverse philosophies sends to its own specific will and manners.

The opening of borders to refugees from areas that consist of people who constantly fought each other, just as the Bible use to own interests to secure under various religious banners, vision and preference since immemorial import these problems and conflicts from their homelands to our communities. Various Bible religions can never live together peacefully, as various Jewish, Christian and Islamic sects, and are also here with us today with knives drawn against each other.

Aggression and extremism are specific to the Bible and his followers. A Bible that from the outset distinguishes between believers and unbelievers, and these infidels condemned in her lyrics as damned and “The Kingdom of God” may not enter.

For Jews who consider themselves as the elected children of god, are those who were not born of a Jewish woman excluded from their faith, and therefore they belong to those who are not elected and The Kingdom of God will not enter.

For Christians, baptism is required to belong to the Christian community and to be admitted into God's kingdom and all others are excluded.

For Islam, it requires you to join Islam and the norms of the Prophet Muhammad to live, to belong among the elected people and enjoy the paradise.

However, all consider their particular sect, Bible interpretation and vision as the true and correct creed, and others point after as infidels or enemies of the true faith, where the most extreme among them, the others as direct enemies persecute and possible kill.

The European future:

Europe is in its development so far advanced that the fighting has left opposite rivals behind, is today by the immigration of refugees from Islamic countries in religious conflicts ended up which are in the Middle East and parts of North Africa still rife. Europe is thanks to the thoughtless actions of those responsible for the Union, be stuck with the consequences, violence, threat and cost to turn this off face, while many of these extremists a nationality in Europe acquired thanks to the efforts and advocacy of the Christian Democrats and Eurocrats.

Anno 2014 many of the citizens in lawlessness to medieval model life and slipping into a complete social repetition of the Middle Ages, with constant threats from both Muslim countries of the Middle East, but also from their own populations and its various conflicting religious communities, the growing discontent of the population and declining prosperity of the citizens not to mention.

Europe has never loose and not been able to work out its feudal past and its monarchies, while it are these, who organize themselves in opposition against democracy through the association as Bilderberg Group of old nobility, royal families and aristocratic circles. It are just these groups that have traditionally enjoyed unlimited power and privileges which the boundary of the socially acceptable was nonexistent and everything was permitted for them and there was no difference for them between humanity or criminality.

We may assume that social degradation in the High Society endless is and could spread unhindered while antisocial standard was and is, and these people today are not willing to admit herein, knowing that it would mean a radical curtailment of their privileges change while many of their habits and standards at the border criminality is or criminal should be named as well.

There is a way out of this mess, but it is the High Society today and their bribed lackeys in government circles, who have to decide about this, but of course, opt for the money, while keeping sweet their supporters with tales of suspense.

Our democracy does not go beyond a polling station, and our representatives are committed to us with advice and great promises, but only up to the election. Oh what do you want, they are people and money is tempting, and a good seller sells you lemons as being apples, and the population must understand that good market vendors the most opportunities in politics make them to bring everything to the man and convince everyone.

Can we wonder whether migration and instability have been accidentally caused, or is it a planned action to hinder democracy through divisions and the population to destroy for the sake of old nobility, the old power and High Society?

Democracy is in many Western countries only a word, a hollow concept, a beautiful fairy tale, but a fiction, far from reality.

A sound democracy can best be reliable but to propose this to the village square we must obtain from years ago, where men often without, and sometimes extraordinary, even with their wives, in the summer evenings together were philosophizing and by discussion about of anything and everything. Among them there were, of course, of all sorts, from the illiterate laborers, craftsmen, traders, clerks to the more notables and intellectuals of the village or neighborhood. They got by composing the company a multifaceted approach and vision of the subjects. Just as that the good democracy should also be approached.

The real democracy, for and by the people.

Our allegedly democratic electoral system includes the ability to designate a representative for full legislative power, but gives him or her to represent, without implicated being in details or participation, which allows voters tied to the whim of the elected representative. It would make sense when the voter for serious interventions in the community legislation and regulations would be consulted by referendums.

In fact laws should arise from consultations from four parties.

1) Technical expert representation from the sector which is directly involved, by a council of five experts who are always public be chosen.

2) A council of 10 citizens of minimum 21 years who are each randomly assigned by public chosen on the ID register number.

3) A council of five academics of involved discipline in question and are randomly assigned each.

4) A representative or minister(s), assisted by their own experts or consultants involved secretariat or department.

It would be an important step towards full democracy, but not randomly fall into the hands of an incompetent possible audience, while such a system will improve the bond between government and people, and a lot of dissatisfaction and injustice will occur.

Obviously, such a system can only be used for serious interventions in the legislation, and there may be any veto rights should be provided within the framework of public interest.

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