Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Western democracy creates and maintains greed cultures. 


The democratic system where the people are represented by elected officials means that popularity is a requirement to be elected. However, popularity and fame do not stand for competence in the field of representation in a board or rule a country.

In the Western democratic system it is so that elected representative’s forms the government, and thus perceive the management of a community at the highest level. However, both complexity and size sets high standards in terms of ability, but popularity does not ensure competence in the field.

Many elected public official will notice that he or she for a impossible task for them is placed, and understand that thereby they may not get a chance for a second term.

It should come as no surprise that political appointees, their almost unlimited and possibly ephemeral opportunity to abuse in order to get a bargain, and filling their pockets if they still can, which the way for corruption and greed culture open long as possible, the only alternative and own financial security, but also the way to unlimited abuse of collegiality for the same purpose.

It is therefore not surprising that all government services are infected by greed selfishness and corruption, because a corrupt top impossible steps may take that would themselves be injurious or condemn, while collegiality is directed against those who are possibly leaking or everything going to hang to the big bell. 

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