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They said, history repeats itself, but is it truth?

Indeed, much more than many imagine, but also normal as well.

History is a product of general and social development of a community, milieu, nature or living environment, mixed with scarce external influences.

Incoming influences are not unimportant but define the whole only slightly and superficially, at least in the short term and without breaking the actual concept.



Primitive Gorilla, lives in a kind of polygamous family associated with multiple female partners, where the oldest and strongest male takes everything, tolerates no rivalry and leftovers remain for the next in rank, and so on to the bottom of the row should everyone the stronger let go before.

Gorillas show by their manners of life the pure form of the egocentric individualism in a patriarchal society.

Individualism connected to lack of social understanding, is the foundation of the Aryan development, which is based for competition as a need to prove itself opposite others. Present itself means ultimately the foundation of competition or rivalry, conflict and violence, which brings us to armaments, which only at a decent level is through the necessary capital and thus the basis for capitalism.


Black individualist:

For a large part of the black individualists is the strict hierarchy hardly reflected and thus are these primitive developments outgrown in higher dimensions.

As a result, in black Individualists not find clear dynasties back, except those of Tutsis but this dynasty was the inheritance of the tribe leader, while there was no kingdom and for him the material was limited to the possession of cattle, as with any other tribe members.

However, the switch off of natural selection under Western influence has also an adverse outcome and rising social demotion.


The Indo Europeans.

The Indo-Europeans can be divided into two divergent trends, namely the instinctive individualistic development on the one hand often described introverts, and the instinctive social development on the other hand, often described as extroverted people. The relatively strong up to rivalry and aggression bound individualists determine the strongest image of Western society.

The introvert Indo-European population still suffers today from the extremely patriarchal development of the Gorilla, which they have not outgrown for a relatively large part, and which is connected to egocentric individualism.

The extroverted populations however melt all over the world with the society in which they mix them.


Aryans, Ariã or nobility end the crucible of violence:

The cradle of the Aryans stood in the barren, rugged and mountainous nature reserve that stretches from Turkey to Iran, Afghanistan, and western Pakistan to northern India. An area where the population as extremely antisocial developed until today emerges by the lack of respect for women and children.

One can see the Aryan an extremely egocentric individualism considered a foundation of Western civilization. A civilization that began between Africa, Asia and Europe or buffer between three continents, today known as the Middle East and its immediate surroundings. The Aryan development is what the name Ariã (Sanskrit) means in fact, "Lord" or superior, a development which is thus appropriates a stand, position or caste above others peoples, and thus relies on a dominating selfishness, overconfidence and self-aggrandizement.

The extreme egocentrism egoism of the Aryan development and the result of his personal greed are early noted in the Bible story, portrayed by Adam and Eva, like supplant of better developed social communities en rich areas.


Western egocentric individualism:

Western history is that of the individualist who lives for himself and what to his individual feelings suits him.

This basic concept is output from the history and culture that is linked to.

Western culture shows us everywhere again the personal impact of the leaders and the hierarchical basis of Western civilization, along with a strong presence patriarchal authority that overshadowed our society and the individual targeted by Westerners are emphasized.

Especially the personality cult by monuments and images as well as by buildings both egocentrism and narcissism expression does come only where finds in other cultures only if there are individualistic detect influences.

The Aryans, nobility and a large part of the Middle East and Arab populations show us the extreme examples of the self-centered individualism that primitive Gorilla in them has not outgrown too.

Clear and dominant individualism with all its side effects can't be found in central and southern Africa, or little or not, neither Indonesia nor in East Asia, except in those groups attached to noble families such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Malaysian nobility, which refer to the former mixture with western individualistic people.

America also remained large part spared from the effects of the self-centered individualism and the formation of caste and nobility, except here, from Central America and their Aztec, Toltec, Maya and Zapotec. In the Andean region were the Incas who left cultural monuments, but monuments and individualism or personality cults are one.


Western civilization in a world of deception and violence:

Violence is in the past and the present, and is the central issue in Western civilization manifested in western armament directed to warfare, and giving to Western history shape and color.

Other than western populations on earth did hardly bother to arm themselves or go out on conquest and moved mostly peacefully to other areas that they often shared peacefully with older populations in the area.

Scarce traces of violence other than pro-Western or individualistic nations can be seen as violence that served to preserve space and living environment, so this didn't take the form of regular and frequent violence that led to war developments and ditto armament.

The individualism that led to degradation by self-centered individualism is the main part of Western civilization, aggression, competition, warfare, conquests and armaments.



Central to our civilization, we find development due to individual efforts with our central aggressive warfare and weaponry which form the bulk of western development, and will benefit from civilian life.

However, western civilization can’t exist, by own rivalry, without technological progress. Progress and technology based on capital and capital injection in research and development, and so has to do capitalism. Capitalism is the result of many that work and some that collect revenue and being therefore the capitalists.

Capitalism is thus the basis for oppression, exploitation and material inequality.

The egocentric individualist has no problems to raise capital, as it perfectly in the development, or should we say degradation, fits them.

It is the Aryan development and its development area that gives the first boost to the metallurgy of Western Europe and Western civilizations.


Metallurgy in Europe:

2500 BC Metalworking: They was discovered the possibilities of forging metals but it was true especially soft metals like copper, tin and gold


1500 BC Turkey - Hittites (northern Turkey) use iron to form through low oven until a malleable raw and quite impure iron mass to further transform by forging into useful objects.

Use of blast furnace:

Asia: In China, the first blast furnaces are used from the 5th century BC

North West Africa: Ghana, we find blast furnaces for the time that Westerners Africa conquered, or probably already before Europe or before 1400 AC

Europe:  After 1400 AC we will find the use of blast furnaces in the Rhine Valley in Germany.


The rise of the industry:

The processing of metals for utensils and weapons will occur from the blast furnace at a larger scale allowing industry arose which was based on collaboration of several persons under the coordination of a leader or boss, and with whom we come in the industry.

But such activities require resources and profits so that the workers could also buy or exchange with other for example food or needed items.

Forces working in the industry had so buying and selling needs which received the growth of the use of money and capital, and real shape and barter was insufficient.

Also specializing in handicrafts and manufacture of objects and goods will soon needs the use of money in addition to the barter to provide for that one can't itself manufactured.


Rises of democracy.

The needs to groups to make it easier to survive through cooperation is then the basis for forming communities occupation of an area or clan societies, while every society needs a coordinator to ensure coordination and cooperation.

Here it is again the Western individualism that cause of selfishness and grasping for more and more power, by some who will fight each other to build a boundless power and stand as above others.

Power and position lead in the Western world to build castes to place and function in society as distinct, with the leaders and territory as the amount of power going to raise and others dominate and oppress to use as servants and slaves, a development in which they systematically the power and rights of subordinates will supplant, and will exploit them.

In response, go subordinates oppose and seek power by combining the number of them and demand their own rights, a development that allows to it call democracy.

Eventually, under pressure from revolutionaries like Napoleon Bonaparte, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Mikhail Gorbachev and Adolf Hitler democracy as a kind of standard for many countries, often only seemingly be accepted.

In reality, the population of the West is still only in its prehistory and is today the boldest pulling omnipotence to themselves and other to exploits.


Sabotage of democracy.

From the moment that the Nazi regime, the social achievements of their system during World War II handed over to the occupied territories, the foundation was laid for resistance of the old administrative units consisting mostly monarchies and ancient nobility.

Everywhere in Europe surfaced groups that aimed to undermine democracy. The most important is founded by the Dutch royal family and Prince Bernhard specific as co founded "Bilderberg group". A group that evolved over the years into American politics knows to impose.

In Belgium plunged after the war this grouping, as in most European countries, but the Belgian anti-democratic group “CEPIC" disappeared after some scandals and its members went into hiding in the French-speaking wing of the Christian Democratic Party.

For the moment, we may assume that "Bilderberg group” also monitors the EU just as they monitor the Member States through the EU. It is also not excluded that in which this association is involved in unjust practices and crime, all investigations are sabotaged and endlessly dragging perishes without result or perpetrators.


Growing social degradation collides with modern communication.

Communications and news from all over the world, however, bring resistance in position and does it grow, making the western world day after day distribution of rebellion is smoldering under the surface.

Especially modern communications gives abundant food where the censorship by governments trying to block the information.

Also to the bone crushed and deprived third world gradually comes to resistance that is supported by the entire population, as a result where information to reach before only a minority of their population.

Resistance which unites against Western exploiters and an additional supply is in Islam that supports the right to self-preservation and also the history that recounts the struggles and oppression of the West against Islam and their believers.

Religions, and also thus Islam, give us no direct food to violence; however the Bible makes a distinction between believers and unbelievers, what is all too eagerly translated by friends and enemies give a reason to defend them and kill the enemy, as an element that both extremists to Jews, Christians, Muslims used.

Here too modern communication plays an important role on both sides of the story, and is exploited by friend and foe.


Aryan, a development which destroys the whole world.

Ultimately, it is always these Aryans and their descendants who take the helm by violent everywhere and despite democracy, through various ways and especially corruption rudder keep in control and democracy paralyze systematically.

Paralysis of democracy and mass deprive their merits, however, an ever return impact resistance, making our modern world social hardly differ from those of the Middle Ages, where so the small super rich elite mass continues to dominate and exploit.

Rebellions and struggle for resources and power remain and fill the daily image while resources and absorb energy in a perpetual interplay of gains and losses for everyone. The struggle for power, luxury and prestige costs energy and money while draining the resources unnecessarily and nature needlessly raped and destroyed, until nothing will be left and the human being decimated by nature or will be eradicate, but simultaneously remain the Middle Age.

Divide, create chaos, and break the unity of the people to keep prevailed. Puts elderly at work while young people sitting on the side doing nothing and bored. Create unrest and opposition to divert attention from own misdeeds. Protect the crime in order indirectly to keep the population is poor without making own hands dirty or even to walk in the spotlight.

The west of the 21st century, a modern version of the middle ages.


Go west to a comprehensive popular uprising?

Populations of West European countries freely choose their delegates in governments, but these governments are only there for the show and the idea that the population has control, while in Europe the "Bilderberg Group" or ancient nobility, hidden to the public, the stir owns and medieval as modern fashionable dressed proceed.

The western population is largely used as before stupid and petty and kneels in front of their masters, while the actual social civilization is only reserved for alleged primitive peoples, which still freely survive without modern technology.


History keeps repeating itself because it is a reflection of the development of the people, and history is their mirror.


Technology need only decennia to change but humans need millions of years

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