Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

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The flow of migrants from Africa and the Middle East are similar to explosives that we enter. The migrants are left inside and brought in but they have no ready-made solutions for them, there is no work for these people and financial needs, as well as their expectations can’t possibly be fulfilled sufficiently. Currently there is no other than them in camps, abandoned buildings, barracks, etc. to absorb, but this one creates ghettos with a population disappointed, discouraged and will react angrily, but has nothing to lose and will continue to take risks.

That extends rebel groups and even guerrilla movements will arise is almost certain. But not only that, also the indigenous population will be forced to respond, where the government can’t keep under control. That is a serious risk and will ultimately lead to two armed guerrilla movements of natives against immigrants and ethnic minorities is almost inevitable, as it is almost certain that its own security forces and the army to streets and urban guerrilla will be helpless.

Europe is on its way to be a mess which all major parties of Europe cooperate, eventually plunging democracy. Wars and violence that is connected to, is actually a good thing for the industry bosses, old nobility and capitalists, but not for the people.

The idea to distribute refugees on which way concentration is avoided is only a delusion, considering that any population residing in a country with one for them foreign culture, language and customs gives, will search for any people who know their language and culture, or to belong there. As a result one finds in countries to which frequently people migrated to, across communities, neighborhoods or villages that consist of citizens with the same language or national background.

Even where our elderly in rest going to a foreign country, there Belgium for people with low pensions is unlivable, they will only too glad to get another Belgian or Dutch speakers in their region and make friends with it, even if they are not people, with similar levels, they enjoy its country or language and they see this as a kinship with people who have similar backgrounds and experiences from their childhood.

Take simply the example that we all know, when we are abroad and there happen to hear someone speak our language, we are inclined to conclude their friendship with, seen we can converse easily with them and expect them easier to share our views.

Refugees who arrive in Europe today are largely young people and potential fighters from areas since time immemorial in discord and struggle to live with neighbors who generally speaking, however, belong to the same development and comparable level of development.

A fact due mainly to social degradation of these peoples, and social degradation that in the past their ancestors as weak and unstable communities forced to make way for large and powerful groups, families or communities, so they had to accept themselves to introduce into the least livable and rough areas to survive.

One can raise the question Europe is still safe for its inhabitants, and the answer is yes if one the tide radically know to turn back, but none of the European countries have a government that has the courage to resist the instructions of the EU, whether they be bribed by the previous leaders via Bilderberg Group.

Who will give us the answer?

But currently the democracy and the interests of their own people by all Western European countries and the European Union be ignored is an obvious fact that one can't deny completely.

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