Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Albert II Belgian King without people. 


Albert II, King of Belgium, without a people in a democracy without people rights or content.
While Western countries are described as democratic, are they mostly corrupt regimes to the bone, and has John citizen through their corrupt representatives little or no real participation.
One can practice such as the denial of basic rights of citizens and especially the rights of children and defenseless, otherwise described as cowardly and brutal violence against defenseless creatures, a phenomenon apparently in church circles quite a stir wrought, and thanks they cripple and manipulated judiciary and clerical hypocrisy could sprawl, while in civilian circles no less happen there.
A child in a foreign country as an orphan girl under the guardianship grew up, of her aunt and the husband, a Belgian uncle, but if later transfer of the family to Belgium, access for the orphan niece to the territory illegally is refused, an act that later on forgery of explanations should be given the appearance of justice and as be correctly, by such an act helpless and in many cases be condemned and cut off from the only human and very intense relationship that the orphan had and ties.
Both Albert II and his band of vassals of the federal government is encouraging however, knowledge of the case, with their tacit consent, such atrocities, as the responsible Minister Turtelboom either for morbid own pleasure and without any grounds, or for third parties such atrocities as responsible for immigration, visa and asylum should assume, but acts as she didn't know this. Do they commit violence and murder for their pleasure, or is it just to prove their disgusting and sickly greatness. Will the very social "Maggie De Block" her status of socially responsible mandatory bedaubs by participate provisionally it looks that way. Clearly, they are not willing to stand up for the people; on the contrary, we will support their further step after step backwards, back to the dark ages.
All those participating in such atrocities give orders, will help or tacit support, are in fact an accomplice and not better that the perpetrators themselves, but this appears not to apply to king Albert II, his cabinet and cabinet members or members of the previous government or the new Di Rupo government, they may kill or mistreat people, complaints be ignore and the complainant, if persistent, be persecuted or worse. There by is the "Democratic Kingdom of Belgium" dominated by a gang of criminals headed by Albert II, which given his East German descent and belong to the nobility, may not be surprising. Adel was born out of gangs that build there riches by robbery of the people, and himself from their power and wealth over the population raised and crowned.
Not everyone agrees with the state of affairs, but resistance is not only dangerous, it is known in spite of masses of honest judges, always a candidate right to speak or to buy, so the obstructionist unfounded condemnation and or be psychological tortured. One may feel comfortable to ask whether it is a coincidence that some people like Karel Van Noppen, Peter De Vleeschauwer, were murdered or Patrick Haemers who be SUSPECTED to has committed suicide. Patrick Haemers who supposedly life would take his, and that the night after he indicated to the next day to confess everything to the public jury, and who knows how many more obscure cases there are, who the good censored news did not make. 

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