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Are wars in 2015 caused the refugee flow?


Are wars in the Middle East and Africa caused the flood of refugees to Europe or is it Europe that power generates to Europe?

If we follow accurately the image reports is striking that a large proportion of refugees are men until about 30 to 35 years. Like those men from whom one can expect that they would throw themselves into the struggle for their homeland and identity. The number of women and children on the other hand is low with little or no elders in his.

A second phenomenon that stands out is that the crossing by people smuggling takes fortunes, especially for people who come from countries where wages are barely one tenth or even less, than those in Western countries. From this we can conclude that it is only the rich upper layer that can come through such channels. If the people who are in haste to flee, the question is how could they collect so much money to come to the West?

A third surprising element is the high demands that are put many here, and which are extremely high for refugees who would be happy to be rescued, but nothing demonstrated by many that they are happy, quite the contrary. The latter refers to extreme expectation which can only be explained by the arrival for purely material reasons, and not in urgent need of self-preservation.

Our western societies present themselves only too glad through their display of power and prosperity, just as one carries out humanitarian interventions at every turn and, knowingly or unwittingly demonstrates the perceived abundance and richness of the western, a wealth which however hides the poverty of a large part of the Western population. It should therefore surprise no one that they expect Western Europe just like many of us see and expect from Las Vegas, Miami or Dallas. We all want to be like them seeing all the beautiful, not the negative. These people leave everything behind and come as a vanguard to try luck with the belief that they will succeed, enhanced by tall stories that are dished up by people smugglers. It is also logical that they unpack with all sorts of stories to arouse pity to get in so and settle here later to let the family come on the basis of family reunification. Rest assured they know the possibilities or think to know. After all our own politicians who are foolish enough to unpack what a refugee is costing us and forget that thanks to modern communications, the third world is listening, and feeling dizzy from the amounts mentioned. The daily cost for a refugee outreach for many of them a full month's wages to them. It is therefore not surprising that the flow of refugees is unstoppable, nor that it should not surprise us that these adventurers demand high standards.

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