Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

European politics stands on a crossroads:


On the one hand the people and their future, the limits of employment and the growing discontent by lack of employment, income and wealth for the masses.

On the other hand the European strategy, refugee policy and the upcoming and inevitable social dislocation, destabilization and possible public anger of the voters.

One should not forget that many of the refugees come from areas where they are fleeing the oppression, but any majority suppresses the opposition, no matter who forms the majority, because the people of his Middle East socially dislocated and degraded communities belong, and none of them ever pluralism and tolerance has been able to handle.


Especially the public danger to women and girls with frequent presence of people from the Middle East should not be underestimated threat to our own people, our mores and customs.


While the sensitivity and emotionality of a part of the population is misused to gain their support, and their actions against the own people and against people's interests to give an appearance of justice, the people massively fooled and deposited in the own accident and ruin.

One thing is certain, no society can such a large flood of refugees with an opposite ideology and lack of pluralism, catch, without a profound dislocation with accompanying unrest and violence is involved.

The inevitable, the aggression and violence in the Middle East is imported deliberately by our representatives in Europe.

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