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Why conquers Islam the world, which force make Islam able to such success.


The approximate representation 2007 of the great world religions is as followed:

Christianity    1.2 billion

Islam at        1.5 billion

Hinduism      900 million

Judaism        14 million

By 2050 there could possibly be as many or more Muslims than Christians, due to the rapid increases in Islam. Islam makes it the fastest growing religion in the world.

The reason for this explosive development to be found in the foundations of the faith.

Faith can spread best by supporting the basic needs of a population.


Judaism is a religion but above all as patriarchal religions weakest of the Bible religions, because it is limited to those who are born of a Jewess, and therefore confined to extremely limited group of members.

The belief in the fact that everything that relates by their own sect is doing to outsiders by god will be permitted, weakens the position and credibility for those who are better developed and has more social insight, even if they are born a Jew.

Judaism weakened and thereby limits its own ranks, and is not eligible for free spread, so it is a specific clan-religion.

         Hinduism is entirely not true monotheism or belief that focuses to a central divine power, while it believed in a divine supremacy, but focusses on various gods, in several sects, various divine personalities, invoke because they present a higher or lower specific authority.

Hinduism has a trinity consisting of Brahma (God the Creator), Vishnu (God as Assistant) and Shiva (God as distorting Entity).

Their supreme god shows himself under three different guises, but Vishnu (God as assistant) also undergoes various incarnations, these may occur Avatara's called in different forms with different qualities and be worshiped and call for this qualities.

(Avatara means descend or appear under form of ….)

The various Hindu sects, however, have many similarities mutually between them, and are developed and distributed in India and immediate surroundings. Hinduism does not distinguish between believers and unbelievers; neither have a direct relation of a deity facing the humanity. They do ask favors to specific responsible divine incarnations, or avatars, and sacrifice for that nutritious fruit, plants or flowers. Hinduism stands for respect for life, and avoids all unnecessary violence against any form of life, while they animals also frequently honored. Even plants and trees are honored by them.

Their philosophy is born from the need to soak them loose and turn away from materialism, a direct result of predominantly self-centered and materialistic development of the aria or Aryans, with their patriarchal dominated caste system and predominant injustice to persist.

         Christianity, which is based on the Bible and the patriarchal authority is currently the largest of the Bible religions, but has violently and backed by the most aggressive among the human development, the western egocentric individualism, global disseminated, but is nevertheless hampered by its own philosophy of the unnatural and extreme tolerance which preaches. A tolerance which massively by the churches were and are abused in order to keep the masses under its authority, a system and philosophy that will eventually bring about the collapse of the doctrine, because the modern trends and developments increase the understanding of the masses and their gullibility wipe away. The total tolerance goes against the sense of life and survival, which is peculiar to all conscious living and their need to survival.

         Islam, just as Judaism and Christianity is a patriarchal monotheism stemming from the same Bible. Islam stands strong against Christianity and Judaism because the basic characteristics of the nature better represented and both forced celibacy and rejects total tolerance, but encourages the natural right to defense and self-preservation.

Opponents just like extreme Islamists will try to translate this as incitement to violence in spite their holy scripture, the Koran, explicitly condemned all unnecessary violence. Islam has managed to spread in the past with relatively little violence and as a religion known managed to place second in rank to conquer.

Extreme violence like this in 2015 by I. S. and Boko Haram in facts atrocities that are directly fed by looting by western powers in rich parts of the planet in the Middle East and Central and North West Africa (Nigeria) while local spread of Islam, Islam extremists give the supposed excuse and justify of action against to all who do not agree with them.

The main strength of Islam lies well hidden in their respect for nature and uniqueness of human beings and their natural need for survival and self-defense.

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