Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

The future of Europe is to cheapen thrown



That there are also among our politician’s opportunist as well as skilled people is quite possible but skill is important but must also be accompanied by courage and character to keep going, not with words but with actions.

Absolute political majority can only work with people like Bart De Wever (Belgium) if Bart De Wever the followers that participate in its wake for the money but don't have the character to express themselves through, and just to get the money and deliver votes, knows to shake off.

Controlling it from a good strategy without adequate support and poor majority is detrimental to the image of the party, and pushes the party backwards.

General review and the results of previous and this government until today it is miserable to, largely the responsibility of Europe and a lax and wrong policies of their governments.

Who clearly belong not to war refugees and not recognized as such, should never may be going beyond the border states, but must be immediately repatriated. A brutal action, however, the flow of alleged refugees would quickly dry up.

It is abundantly clear that Europe fails but it is inexcusable that states herein follow lasting and not oppose radical Europe, and attached the autonomy of Europe and their culture lay in the balance.

The reception of refugees in the States of Europe should be addressed by the state  by a correct and radical decisions and directly on repatriation must turn out for those who do not belong under the heading of war refugees. That several western states of the European Union as a will-less herd can be guided through the Union without taking into account the impact and the enormous cultural and ideological differences, and without taking any account of the historical facts of the regions and their evolution through the ages, is very obvious. The collection of people from areas where no one has ever been accepted any light in the eyes of those who disagree with them, does not mean that if one them move, it changed this mentality through a different environment, no, of course, they will continue and even be strengthened by more ideological differences and in the bargain a mass cultural contrasts.

The age-old conflicts between peoples in the Middle East are allowed in our countries to be continued further here, and our Western society to overthrow, but that does not and will not be seen by our leaders. Here don't count the interests and security of the people evidently, neither the financial impact for the lowest incomes from labor in our society. No, our leaders waste the funds of the community in a totally irresponsible manner.

The question is how come it a large part of the European states do not preclude this and the people, their freedom and future put at risk, just like their own image and future as politicians?

That an overall power behind it is clear, a power inside the Union that manipulates the Union with money and influence in all areas, and is not influenced by the politics or the people is unquestionable. But such power needs money to buy opponents or disable them, and provide them on all areas of senior vassals.

Only highly placed occupying a dominant position are invited and bribe such as: Governments (1) - industrial (2) - Science (3) - royalty and nobility (4).

(1) This should safeguard against the effects of it controlled by them and ruled area.

(2) Important to the financial power that emanates from it.

(3) This could easily unsavory things thwart, and has enormous value and affect on all areas.

(4) Kings and nobility often have a high reputation, good relations and influence, but can strengthen the entire structure or plunging, and are therefore more than welcome.

In Europe there is only one organization that meets these conditions, namely the Bilderberg Group

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