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Diversities in the Human Instinct, the stumbling block:


In the study of the human instinct appears in many ways the greatest problem to become detached from the own personal base and instinctive influences. Our instinct determined namely the way we see, feel and think, but restrict ourselves in the understanding from matters which is sent by another instinct, and based against our logic. Whenever we want to understand a different vision of approach, we are being diverted to our own logic from all matters which we seek to understand, and so we come face to face with seemingly absurd facts.

The extroverted man will see the community as an inseparable whole consisting of parts that are just part of the whole. He sees individuals in the community as parts of the whole community, and not as separated beings. Logic, feeling and thinking is connected.

The introverted man see the individual as parts of a community and consider the community as a collection of Individuals. He remains the people seen in the community as separate parts on which the community is built. Logic, feeling and thinking is also draw.

The solitary man sees all others like outsiders, and the community as a collection of human beings they are irrelevant unless they van make profit of them. He sees things and people as useful, useless or dangerous, while in the Latter case will shy away or evade these. As a single, he shuns the masses axis Weaker-which count on no one, unless it is clearly not risk at all. Logic feeling and thinking is once again in question and the loner the weakest of all. Feeling, logic and thinking is weather connected and the loner, the Weakest of all, he hides him for any potential threat and the unknown.

Nesting instinct sees the individual as belonging to its nest or as alien to its nest and tolerated in which the person does not threat or hindrance its nest. Their individual life belongs to the nest, and they live in first instance for the ups and downs of the own nest. All members feel unconditionally and instinctively from childhood responsible for all the others, and each of them will not hesitate to give their lives to protect others. Everyone is part of a well-defined community of a litter in their eyes. Again, the logic feeling and thinking are subject thereto.

Each researcher at this matter has firstly to deal with his own limitations and instinctive way of thought but should consistently note, that the own logic always is crossed their observations and analyzing, toward an own track trying to push, allowing the researcher again and again his test results should set in a vision which not belong to its own instinctive mind, and this of course only can after that he the other instinctive Pattern knows thoroughly.

The complexity of the study and the subject matters has the effect That no thorough investigation was done, and it was Supposed to explain the diversities on grounds of fashions That Arose about the nature, education, tradition and habit formation, but the black Afrikaner from the interior never changed mentally, even When Their child grows up with white foster parents, and Their sense of rhythm and music shows exceptional and innate. East Asians from the interior often have no rhythm hearing or feeling, even after they grow up in a different world or environment. But peculiarities are genetically determined by the fundamentals of instinct, and send our thoughts, feelings, needs and social development of our society.


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