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Belgium: Divorce and children's rights:                                                            


The new trend in Belgium is that children are not only heard, but often may decide with which parent they want to stay.

Here we may remember that children especially the molars advantageous solution for them special at puberty, and it is for the adolescent often, escape the parent authority and hold over the child, and thus can adjust where necessary.

Children and adolescents have happened to any experiences and Responsibilities That allow them to judge expertly and to make responsible Decisions.

Where young people themselves to decide with which parent they want to continue it later will often notice that these young people do so go a grudge against them that left the decision to them, as they later come to realize that they have made a choice that was a fatal error.

Young people, especially teenagers living in a phase of learning and experiments, and | So look for their way of life of independence and adolescence, but this goes only through trial and error.

The safety net of the responsible educator should still be kept on hand, which just may be true where this supervisor authority has, and the ability to loosen the reins where be necessary.

It is Therefore Whether it is Justified to have a judge to let rule, without the advice of experts, psychologists and educators or parents.

Generally, one May Say That the decision making of adolescents and laity should be questioning.

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