Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Inter-municipal and political culture of greed:


We need to ask why politicians should serve on the board of inter-municipal? It must clear to everyone that many politicians don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience to serve on the board of an inter-municipal. Politicians argue that these people sit to monitor, but this is gossip against often, if these politicians don’t have the necessary knowledge. Supervising inter-municipal shall consist of accounting evaluate the results, and the operation should be left to experts and not to politicians. Experts who may be accountable to the local authorities represented by the town clerk and bookkeeper, that can expertly assess the results and submit to the municipal councils.

Enabling politicians who have a voice in policy is a farce and direct cause of disorder and destabilization, as these politicians to be replaced every turn by other officers, depending on a party dominance, ascendancy and their appointments.

Politicians are there to represent the people and to ensure through competent advice OF NOT politically appointed experts, AND TO THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, TO REPRESENT THEIR INTERESTS AND wish.

Western-style democracy is a farce for idiots, because what one builds by the Following plummeted as possible, before It has made a real impact. Good governance should stay if no improvements to be made and results and prospects Remain positive.

After all, it is the man of the street that the bill of this political mess must pay every time, without getting serious direct participation or stable and competent representation.

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