Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Political chaos and fraud:


Stricter ethics rules for politicians who sit on boards. Don’t make us laugh! People are already trying to find loopholes, just to be allowed to sit on boards. Another party puts forward the proposal to not reimburse boards, but we must of course reimburse their real costs, which will be stretchable. Governing Councils should be, and one must compensate the people, that makes sense. The question is, why are politicians who have a mandate should sit in a board? Companies must be controlled by independent regulators, assuming revision offices or services, and not by politicians who are often untrained in the matter in question, and should not prove to be experts but are appointed through politics. Politicians in a board can hardly without political voice making corruption and fraud are almost inevitable.

Mr. Bracken, chamber president of the federal government, is to my knowledge a member of a lodge, to mean a free association of intellectuals, all which many chiefs, judges, scientists, aristocrats and prominent in private and industry to collect. The links between members or lodges are uncontrollable, but just Therefore a place of distrust for the citizen, and right fully so! Such lodges itself Imply no threat to democracy is logical but its members otherwise well, they have seen among the Alleged higher social class, conscious of the lower-class distance.

Not a lodge but the members may mainly or leaders and managers exist, and will in many cases mutual agreements that are not suitable for publication, Encouraged and can easily be trans-formed into a threat of democracy. The current data about Mr. Bracke, it appears that a person as Chamber President, not the integrity has, which he must present.

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