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Belgian politics, culture of greed and chaos anno 2017:


Therefore, “Siegfried Bracke” doubted Whether he received compensation of Telenet.

Siegfried Bracke, the Belgian Federal Chamber President Says When He last week Tuesday by Karin Temmerman and Daniel Termont was Tackled hard at the Ghent City Council, he doubted Telenet payed him compensation or not. Which was explained by Siegfried Bracke itself in the Ghent City Council margin.

(Het Nieuwsblad 20-02-2017)

What are they us on the sleeve games? Politicians seem more and more to resemble That not even know what and where they get their drinking money and gratuities. And now we must believe that several as Bracken years for Telenet get extra job only for fun. A politician who works without compensation, and its own costs of travel and such taking on his account, is as devil who empties a holy water font of great thirst, incredible and absurd so, and he himself would not know whether he was or not paid. Note that he works and that he would not know if he deserves it, beats all imagination. That may be world news. The old folk saying "A large lamppost with a tiny light" for many politicians apparently, a correct description in terms of their mental ability. The fact that these people are supported by a mass, speaks to the level of the Belgian.

PS. Note that Siegfried (his first name) means successful peacemaker, however, he does his first name not honor.

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