Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Western democracy in Europe and the vicious circle:


Western countries are governed by democratic norms, but democracy is a cover for a covert sham democracy conceals the dictatorship of capitalism in this world. Democratically elected representatives will without a doubt, run a country, based on appointment by vote of the people, but whereby the crafty market vendor, from whose lips hangs the public, the Necessary votes and mandates can collect, without his competence is questioned. Naturally, each elected has an advisory board available, but even these council’s nominees compiled by politics, so also here people end up without their expertise as an admission requirement will apply.

That it results to previous constructions leading costly and hardly acceptable results, nobody should be surprised. But here begins a chain reaction that cost of everything, with everyone pushing up, so the same performance in one country takes a multiple of the same performance in a well-organized society.

Elected officials and their capitalist friends, pseudo Legally absorb so much money, that the efficiency of the workers in many countries today barely can make making a living. Making a second income is essential. But the second income with the wealth of the workers our politicians makes them Jealous, which one should the population note that has the wealth, and is not overloaded.

There can for these politician’s a little more burden they think, and so continued to increase costs and expenses, also for the government it selves, resulting in a lack of money for the government, of course. But even these hunts in turn costs, and reduces the purchasing power of the masses by rising prices, because everyone wants to be part.

Thus, we are stuck in a vicious circle, and our representatives continue to grab and throw with the money, instead of cutting back and eliminating excess governments, authorities and mandates. But professionals, not political appointees in the administration to govern a country, and politicians must turn back to their own representation for the interests of the country and their people.

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