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Development aid or development of cancer?


NGOs such as Oxfam advertise and raise money for their work in the Third World, such as the install to clean water services, and filtering of water in tropical countries, where people normally use their water directly from rivers and springs for drinking water, with all threats to public health that would be attached to it. To me it is very strange, because I stayed in the Third World itself for many years and a lot of unfiltered water drank, what the early months gave bothersome side effects, but the problems gradually disappear as your body's natural defenses and immune systems adapt and bacteria destroy of the water effectively and efficiently before they cause any problem. Danger is only for those who just filtered and clean water are simply and therefore have inadequate defenses. Also, children who have a weak immune system, will possible die, but this part again in the natural selection and Prevents degradation.

For comparison:

An elephant reaches an average age of only 65 years, partly due to poaching for their tusks. exceptionally they reach the age of 85. They eat however unwashed green and as drinking unfiltered water or brackish water, while no medical assistance or physicians are available.

The question is why such organizations collect that money, while it is often unnecessary but prevented the natural selection. That the collected funds only a very small fraction ends up in the developing world is certain. The rest disappears into thick paid managers their pockets.

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