Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Western medieval walk on their last legs, not their chaos:


Technological progress opens perspectives which many authorities have not counted and even less liked.

Modern communications and satellite links that comprise the earth over his entire circumference, and communications from any point to any point on the planet, without the possibility for the government to check or supervise for either.

While power only in defining belongs as bundled power, this means in terms of governance of an individualistic society, a decisiveness that can be optimally only in a dictatorship and focuses on the needs and interests of the community, with the highest possible approach the individual interests of the members of that community.

Individualism How many followers has two different developments on our planet, with especially in the tropics it inhibited individualism that consciously strives for social harmony, with a highest similarity among their members, but is however dominated western society by a self-centered individualism, with at its the highest point Aryan development, with extremely dominant patriarchal character, where the woman is oppressed as inferior.

The Aryans, virginal or clean born, as they have described themselves, are the product of a swollen or delusion added value, all which is a result of an extremely social degradation within the western egocentric individuality. An additional development rights awarded to first-born who had continued to the bloodline, and both authority and power of the family, clan or community inherited. This development we today still clearly recognizable at noble families and the Hebrews, and gift the bloodline in the Bible of the alleged God-chosen people.

Social development, together with the strong social appreciation, mainly through mass electronic communication and modernization, boundless be distributed, open ports for the masses in terms of knowledge and understanding.

Traditionally bundled dictatorial and patriarchal authority, characteristic of the western Middle Ages and oppression by nobles, kings and churches, however, be put through communication and uninhibited news distribution on the slope. Where absolute dictatorships and egocentric falter and crumble under the pressure of a growing mass of intellectual and democracy will eventually make a breakthrough, while egocentricity will undermine permanently same egocentric society and destabilize.

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