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Anno 2017: China would carry out the highest number of death sentences.


China has, to the chagrin of western human rights institutions, an extremely high number of death sentences and executions related.

One may think who cares comment. Western countries that ban the death sentence but bulging of the growing crime, while crime rate continues to rise steadily, and proper citizen is no more secure now?

The West considers itself civilized. The question is what is civilization for those who design the highest crime and most advanced armaments and possessing, producing the most weapons and supplying arms trade have as an important part of their economy and income, and thereby to today most wars or feed, set up, support or maintain by arms deliveries in position for personal gain, especially where there are resources covet those Western countries.

Secondly, one should know that most of Chinese people are among the solitary developed, and unlike other developments have no spontaneous feelings with others in their neighborhood or community. The social peace is therefore based primarily on common interests and understanding, but fails where the insight or intelligence is not enough. In the latter case, it may possibly poorly or weakly be developed by a strict regime are held in the harness. Where laws are not sufficient to protect society, it suits extreme consequences as the death penalty. Their logic may not allow loading of society with serious and incorrigible criminals, since it provides no protection, but rather the community entrusted meaningless by cost and exhausting.

Note that the East Asian logic devoid of useless sympathy and feelings personally targeted, but based on practical and common goals, without assuming their development needs are in class or social distinctions. Feeling to others is determined by them through insight and experience, and not by spontaneous sympathy.

The scarce presence of noble dynasties was created only thousands of years before our era, by conquerors from the western plains, the current Kazakhstan, which were cited in their annals as “Hioeng-Noe” in China and “Zunoe” or “Ainoe” in Japan, at our known as “Huns”. Dynasties are inevitably associated with individualism and personal efforts of pro-Western peoples, and don’t fit into the East Asian innate and hereditary mental development.

Asia represent beside the solitary, mainly in the interior and mainland life, also Nest depending people, which we often refer as Indonesians, since they are particularly much present on islands along the coast settlement. Their feelings are directed towards their own community, as they are subject instinctively to their community interests. The horror of violence makes thesis people avoid any aggression wherever possible, while at the loners who instinctively stand alone and so rely on no one, leading to a slavish to avoid aggression. The nest depended avoid violence at all costs because it can weaken their ranks and jeopardize the nest at risk while they are on the most atrocious violence and sacrifice to protect their nest or community.

If one were to abolish the death sentence for extreme and unsurpassed crime dump the whole Chinese society together and grows into a chaotic pro-Western society without real future while booked with the current state of affairs, a rapidly growing economy and progress, with the sole disability, Western military war machine and their threat.

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