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The West and its development, depiction of madness.


The western world is building on the degradation of peoples from tropical countries, or from areas of good living climate, that allowed development without technology and development for heating, housing, clothing, agriculture or animal husbandry, while nomads could find and eat food all year long to survive. Especially social degradation’s float degraded people from societies that doesn’t support or accept them, and give no necessary solidarity and protection.

Social degradation and nearsightedness today also signify Western society in all its facets and developments. Social degradation, however, has the result that there is an ongoing dissatisfaction due to lack of mutual understanding and coherence. This society stands out in their efforts to be able to continue as civilized society, which embodies in buildings, art and technology that are fed mainly by warfare and conquests.

Western society is driven by extremely strong and ambitious individuals, which in turn stuck to a degraded egocentric individualism, and a rivalry coupled thereto, to make their self as a leader, make their societies divide into extremely hierarchical formats.

By mutual violence, they were it the most violent, who, as in patriarchal hierarchical animal societies, such as those of the Gorillas, took the highest rights. The human egocentric individualist created dynasties to safeguard his personal offspring of competitiveness, and his own old day by inheritance, thereby dividing the western world into "social caste", which, despite mass developments, through high societies unto today, to be maintained.

The egocentric individualism with its caste system led the higher caste to allocate resources and opportunities once again, to distinguish their counts through education and training from the lower caste. This resulted in the special privileges associated with the caste or status, enhanced by the degree of education and the certificate of education or diploma, and once again reinforced by the inheritance right. A system that is ready to date to minimize one's efforts and maximize this from others, while both may take equal effort and time for community or productivity. With the excuse that the higher education and function carries a greater responsibility as an unskilled who should doesn’t take responsibility in his profession.

To keep it all acceptable and explainable, we describe this as civilization, what the sophistication and higher development of our society should propose. While the lower caste is kept sweet with fairy tales about self-determination and participation or "democracy".

An apparent democracy that is offered as a gift by the right to choose the own representatives for the people, but so structured, that elected representatives of the people, where they can’t be bribed, have no time to make far-reaching structural changes, against the sentence of the higher caste. Elected representative can therefore stay for a maximum of four years, after which a mandatory election will be held.

The possibilities that the people a government would re-elect, and the danger that would implement drastic changes, against the wishes of a higher caste, are restricted by successive government with the same leadership, by law who restrict a leader to led maximum of two terms. This implies that a government that really performs for the interests of their people, where this is irrevocably clear, can be eliminated, and can't be reconsidered, until their work is completed.

To make it more complicated, in this society a diploma will give priority to effective results, and is a diploma as absolute and indisputable proof of competence, while the lack of a diploma often leads to the disregard of performance against better knowledge and evidence in, with the result that qualification must be submitted for the certificate, which is still awarded a higher value, often without further proof. The latter rarely causes others such as East Asian societies, who are not infected by individualism and egocentrics, to haven’t this trend and hierarchy, but to evolve better and to create a higher well-being for their people, while their luxury Often limited to what is comfortable.

Our individualistic world is aggressively dominant and attempts to dominate the entire planet without any attempt to penetrate the nature and logic of other developments, or without real attempts to understand others or their own community or take account of them and their development.

The West considers itself superior, but ignores all other developments, without the intention of understanding it or without considering. From this foolishness, one is propagating multicultural society, apparently not aware that many societies are too high and socially developed to be able to join us, while others are too low developed. However, know that there are innate social patterns that instinctively determine a social structure and can’t be fundamentally reversed. Like the Orang-Utan is a solitary living primacy, while the Gorilla survives according to a patriarchal hierarchy.

Just imagine that one who lives instinctively solitary does not have natural and innate emotional development that is individualized while daily life leads to linking to those who give them more opportunities and certainties, which can lead to solid society or marriage. Because of this, just the society of a solitaire with an individualist is like dancing on a slack string, and almost chanceless, but often with a dramatic course, where the individualist on the sale is still an egocentric personality.

Our media are rarely aimed at minimizing the third world, not Western societies and their evolution, and approaching them to our shrinking world of thinking, to represent our Western development and society as superior.

However, we describe our western world as Western democracy and civilization, while it is a giant degradation.

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