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Indo-peoples and their development, biggest causes of catastrophes.


The egocentrism, a social degradation of individualism or introverted population, constitutes an overwhelming part of the white population in the northern hemisphere, and causes of sick greed, which means that wars for wealth and power are the norm for the driving force in Western society.

The same sick greed affects almost all the ranks of Western society, while the more moderate social extrovert community in the western world is also largely emitted, because of social degradation.

Not only wars but also slander and pathetic materialism, beyond the needs and human need for survival, comfort, health and well-being, are sources of exhaustion, exploitation and violence against fellow human beings and nature, with fatal disruption of nature and Society.

However, medical developments that should improve the standard of living of the population are used extensively, thereby keep alive everything what is exclude by the nature. The reduction of child mortality is considered a victory, but suppresses the selection that maintains healthy developments, preventing negative developments from being dominated and further degradation of a species. Of course, a great deal of child mortality can be avoided by natural care and knowledge without any excessive medical intervention, while it doesn’t disturb the natural selection.

However, medical developments and humanitarian actions have a very negative effect on population growth, which means that people must talk about a population explosion, resulting in overpopulation, which in turn drives out natural resources so that food services are unnaturally driven by cultivation of crops and livestock for consumption and overconsumption.

However, densely packed mass culture of crops and animals, has the effect that diseases with which one animal or plant which is not resistant, can easily pass to an animal or plant of same species, and result as epidemics to disrupt the food supply and breeding programs, due to an unexpected response of the natural selection system.

Epidemics then cause humans and their science to act to prevent them through massive control of diseases and epidemics. Massive use of antibiotics is used for this, which in turn prevents the upgrading of natural defenses by their own immune system, which further exposes the physical and biology of human, animal and plant to degradation.

It is just the total overpopulation that is the proverbial drop that makes the vessel overflow. Overpopulation extends to society, nature and natural resources, and as a result, the effects have a dramatic impact on the populations and lives of our planet. Over population and consumption, disturbance of forests and nature displace in their entirety, which causes the sources that feed nature and maintain the ecosystem to disappear. Add to this the extreme mismatch between poor and rich, and one has the ideal nutrition for fast-growing extremism and violence, which is not concealed by pro-egocentric individualism and social degradation, but continues to increase. Where you fight this, it is only short-lived, as you keep the nutritious food and keep it rising again and again.

To great extent, Western society has been downgraded so far as to appreciate the social order, a remnant of the cast system introduced by the Aryans. This causes one to collect a low payment for hard work, where the other hardly or not has to work for the same or even higher salary.

P.S. The Arians themselves are the product of an extreme Insane pride. The term Aryans from the Sanskrit "āryan": means Clean, Pure or Nobel, which directly refers to an asocial added value that one sees for themselves.

Western nobility and Judaism are these extreme examples, while in both cases people are evicted originally to the central and southern parts of the European inland, and from there migrated to the Middle East and North Africa.

See also: Aryans: http://kipdrego.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/aryans/

Deforestation in mountainous areas today leads to landslides after heavy rainfall, while for agriculture and animal husbandry the many straight-drawn watercourses with lack of meanders can’t save enough water and floods are the result. Floods that form an overwhelming catastrophe by overpopulation. Dense habitation of coastal areas, flood areas and mountains or slopes pose a continuing threat to residents who are living here in the absence of space.

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