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The last ice age and the migration opportunities.


During the last ice age, nearly 20.000 years ago, the Indian Ocean had a 150 meter lower level, according to traces found in former waters, allowing almost to reach all East Asian islands between the Asian mainland and Australia, and so up to 200 km from Australian border. Only Australia could possibly be separated by a narrow strait. India and Sri Lanka were connected to nearly 3000 a 4000 years ago, via southern Tamil Nadu, after which the lowland connection, current Palk Street, went underwater via a gap near Pamtan and the mainland of South India. Almost 2.500 years ago According to Hindu mythology, Prince Rama or Ramayana and his Vanara’s from Tamil Nadu, build a bridge over the gap, known as Adam's or Rama Bridge called.

Also Great Britain and Ireland were accessible by land. Japan might have northern and southern land connections with Russia and South Korea, respectively. The Bering street has served as a bridge between the old continent and America in the past. While there are clear traces of former tropical forests on the Bering street.

Note: The Adams bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

Rama or Ramayana, son of the Aryan King Ayodhya, with the help of his brother Laksgmana and the support of the Monkey King and his Vanara's (Monkey People), built the Adams Bridge or Rama Bridge to reach Sri Lanka. References to monkeys and monkey kingdoms may arise from the fact that, like their descendants, Arias regarded themselves as Ariã (Sanskrit for pure, noble or extraordinary), and black peoples as the southerly living Dravidians and their descendants, the Tamils, described as monkeys.

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