Hendrik Leenders at Mechelen Belgium

Death list spread in Antwerp



In Antwerp hundreds of people received a flyer with the title "death to informants". The list contains names of 9 people who are involved in a major drug investigation. The office of counsel for the prosecution has opened an investigation.

(Arne De Jaegere)

The flyers surfaced for the first time in Antwerp last weekend, "confirms Wouter Bruyns of the local police in Antwerp, but flyers were also distributed in Wilrijk, Borgerhout and Schoten.

On the list are 9 names of people mentioned in the Antwerp drug file of Frank V. The death list mentions these people informants, according to the sender of the flyer they would have passed on information to the police.

The list includes Frank V. himself. According to his lawyer John Maes, it is very worrying that these nine names are listed together. "This comes from someone who has a list of names that not everyone can have, and that information must come from within." (Until the VRT news)


Such situations are directly due to maladministration of a country and the failing legal system. The culprits are both current and previous governments. This government has been working for several years, but so far no solid plan has been drawn up to put the derailed justice on track and to make it effective. When does one stop playing in the Wetstraat. I am talking about the gang of idiots who are in the opposition, and too stupid to have a government do its job, but do everything they can to disrupt the ruling. A gang of toddlers is even more intelligent than these gentlemen, in so far as one can call that bunch of idiots gentlemen. (H.L.)

Also see; https://kipdrego.wordpress.com/2018/02/03/civilized-justice/


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