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When are people going to civilize the West?


Both the nature of the western population and the known history, tell us that the people of our Western continent, already struggled before they could make a proper weapon or had any note of metallurgy.

The Bible was written by the Jew Moses, but the fact that they were on their way to a promised land indicates that they came from an inhospitable or poorly livable environment.

Their traditions that tell of the "Earthly Paradise or Garden of Eden," from which their ancestors, Adam and Eve, were expelled, along with the fact that it was, because they appropriated what they did not deserve. In other words, because they deprived those who are described in their tradition as god or higher person, a higher authority in other words.

According to the Bible tradition, in the Jewish community from the beginning, violent acts within the own community, were shown in the story of Cain and Abel, and the fratricide out of sheer jealousy. A peculiarity unknown to other peoples, and unthinkable to the bargain. From the study of other continents and other peoples, it is striking that violence was at most linked to the preservation or conquest of territory, and was limited to that.

We may count the Bible as one of the oldest writings of Western development and history. Of course one should not lose sight of the fact, that a historian writes from the vision of his own importance and right, and we must analyze his writings in that sense. Nevertheless, it is an interesting and valuable document, that indirectly projects an image of the foundations of Western development.

 Foundations of Western development:

 In order to analyze our development, we must try to oversee society as an outsider from a distance. Let us see what it is that we have and do that others do not have or do.

1) We have a remarkably strong contrast between rich and poor.

In many especially tropical peoples, there is not even a language-related indication of rank or even family distinction, while resources within a community are spontaneously distributed.

2) We use a caste system that has been replaced in modern society by diplomas and social ladder.

This too is only a norm in the West, and especially in other than western countries, often absent or limited to the administrative level, and completely outside the private sphere.

3) We have a social ladder indicated by the individual's entitlement, and his social or family rank.

Here we find in original languages ​​with other peoples, often no distinction, unless one makes a distinction according to old age, which stands for more experience.

4) We have advanced armies and ditto armament with a comprehensive weapon industry.

Conquests were unknown to many peoples, as many peoples were able to survive in rich areas that they managed to preserve through the power of their numbers, while they were spontaneously inclined to share everything, even with others than their own tribesmen where it was possible .

5) We have thoroughly organized police and order services.

Healthy social developments and intelligence made the tropical resident care that there was internal peace and solidarity, that ensured rest.

6) We have extensive legislation.

Sufficient social insight prevents social discontent while practical intelligence guarantees a correct mutual relationship, and laws superfluous even today, law books are almost non-existent in tropical countries.

7) We have courts and jurisdiction.

Until today there are countries where there is hardly any or no court, and case law possibly in the course of the public by a council of the elderly, since there are often no written laws, and only a few rules of thumb or generally accepted norms as a starting point.

The fact that the functioning of Western society is based on order and safety instruments, is only due to the fact that the population must be steered carefully, referring to the individual inability of the masses, the absurd demands of authorities, or both.

The fact that councils don’t manage to turn the tide, also means that there is no competent occupation here, and that the social deficit therefore has a preponderance in society, not tied to the social class or education of the individual.

Heredity will ensure that the problem remains present and prevailing, while those who by good development are above the average, may seek their salvation in other areas, try to establish themselves in a better structured society.

In the 21st century we see that the emission of tropical regions, the population of Western Europe is beginning to fill, but who by definition turns his back on his country and environment, is especially the one who doesn’t fit in their own environment and is undesirable. Either the refugee is below or above the social norm of his own environment, and he doesn’t belong in his own environment. Either he stays close to his world of life until problems or wars have ended, and people can return to his homelands and environment.

Generally it can be said that foreign nationals who descend to Western Europe can only offer a few possibilities to stay there.

• Either one continues to offer the younger generation a higher level of education, which is generally affordable and good in Europe, in order to guarantee them a future later in their own homeland.

• Either to make money and later return to your own country and environment.

• Either one finds the ideal world here according to its own development and social level, and remains forever.

• Exceptional there are also those that remain because the climate is better for them.

• Finally, there are those who stay because the luxury holds them.

Obviously, the question is, when does western society become socially civilized, how long does people's development take a positive step forward? The serious positive evolution in nature is due to natural selection that eliminates the weakest by diseases or predators.

Western development, however, strives for complete elimination of natural selection, so that we also maintain the negative developments or degradations, and can finish the better development through mixing and crossing. However, this opens the door to a continuous degradation, winding down of Western society, building up of fundamentalism, extremism, and leading us to a world full of violence and unrest, further away from civilization and peace.

The West can currently only expand and strengthen the absence of civilization, and will continue to do so forever, because the West is the emission of what you don’t accept in favorable areas but degraded.


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