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The devastating snowball effect.


The monarchy that knows how to play a leading role in an alleged democracy involves two conflicting objectives collides, but this is only possible where democracy through illegality and corruption was put aside. Illegality and corruption can only really works if the law will be undermined and manipulated, allowing the rights of citizens to the slope, and the crime for an open gate is placed.

Belgium of the 21st century gives us a clear view to such a monarch Essential effect on politics and the rapidly growing crime resulting from government negligence and conflict of governance principles. A national government that one hand tied to democracy, under the pressure of the voter while the other is subject to the power and influence of a financial immensely rich monarchy, which built up its financial power on the exploitation of one of the richest colonies of the past colonial occupations and uses this power for their personal interests. Not only the wealth through inhuman exploitation of the colonies, but also the use of tax monies from the labor force in their own country, to the former colony and its resources until today through political and military interventions under control to keep, the flow of funds to the Belgian shareholders of noble alloy to protect. That these described as humanitarian performances in the former Belgian Congo, the near Rwanda and Burundi since the independence of these former mandate areas has resulted in the murder of several millions of innocent civilians, by Belgian criminal politicians and their noble clients already because of internal conflicts indicated. Internal conflicts don’t occur without known cause, while the affected people not as interested can be counted, but the only clearly present interests can be traced to the trade in raw materials of the ore-rich central Congo basin.

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Even the smallest child will understand that the preservation of crime and corruption can only lead to an increase from the problem and the destabilization of society accelerates. The irregularities and illegality, however, requires the reduction of influence by the mass or total erosion of democracy, which in turn can’t if the mass by adequate reward to labor and a well functioning law clearly preserves independence. We also see in those countries where the influence of the monarchy in politics clearly perceive, that the distinction between the rich minority and the poor masses proportional increases rapidly, an unidentified phenomena in favor of the rich minority acts, but constant pressure on the economy and stability of the country provides.

Ignoring the call of the masses and the rise of right-wing parties in Europe and specifically in Belgium more loudly sound by the day, but in countries like Belgium shun the government not latently but gruesome violence against the legal populations, especially against the radical supporters of democracy or opponents of the monarchy. No funds are shunned and forgery or violence against opponents is complemented with violence against defenseless relatives where they can’t take without the opponents in order to run.

It should come as no surprise that in countries affected by a monarch politically influenced, they never come to the prosecution of crimes of their king faithful representatives, while in actual democracies misdeeds of agents after the end of their mandate not uncommon to prosecution and conviction leads. The excuse that collegiality and restrictions on press freedom requirements for the management to protect and safeguard its silly and stupid, and keep the risk that a country is shielding from that what we as a democratic, economically and politically healthy mind to be describe.

Attempts by the Belgian authorities "Sharia 4 belgium" to prosecute her statements contradicts not only against the principle of press freedom and freedom of expression, but the flames of protest unnecessarily maintain, and displaces the cited problem or dissatisfaction, making any fundamental problems remain.

The society of Muslims with Christians from the start was doomed to failure, and has almost nowhere to run a tolerant society, especially where the Islamic community in a white or pro western community located opposite the equally intolerant and aggressive Roman Church is placed. The much-cited excuse that Muslim extremism is the cause of violence against other faiths is not undivided truth.

Most violence in our historical times had its causes in the western individualism and self-centered thinking, and by the boundless forgiveness to their own ranks demonstrated, which is reflected in Judaism through the Bible, that all violence against not chosen by God recommended states.

The Roman Catholic philosophy goes much further with the Sacrament of Penance, which offers forgiveness without the offender caused the suffering or violence should compensate or repair, and spread with unlimited entry opportunities for all, the evil to all corners of the planet. Especially mafias run by Christianity paramount while under the reign of Charlemagne (AD 748 to 814) the Roman church was linked to the nobility by the papal throne only to members of the nobility to assign. Since this coupling is that the European Nobility in the first rows in the Roman churches kneels and constitutes the first ranks of the exploiters and parasites from the third world by force subjugated and plundered in the name of God and supposed Western civilization.

It is the population of a country that should determine the selected direction or philosophy one wants to follow, while the restriction of expression of opinion or philosophy spread runs fundamentally against the principle of democracy. A majority of the population will accept values that meet their own development and understanding, while the average development is determined by the genetic level or general intelligence of the majority and not by the level of education.

The abuse of press freedom or freedom of speech, however, on grounds of unjust slander and libel where they exist, should remain punishable.


For a country like Belgium, there is currently no political party or ideology that sufficient credibility to the population or the economist offers, and thus the voice of the people or worth the investment is, given no party clearly resist at the impunity of their representatives or speak out against the unconditional collegiality of representatives and the restrictions on press freedom, corruption and crime which flow freely and therefore can propagate itself limitless.

The support provided by collegiality parties occur in all members of a government unconditionally covered are a serious threat to democracy and its people and every question to justice and righteousness in the face of the population putting on the slope. The boundless and uncontrollable but devastating snowball effect is not to stop while credibility as economic attractiveness of the country is being undermined by it.


Unrest among the population has an impact on growing discontent and willingness to work, while the best workers tend to their salvation in favorable areas and opportunities to seek and flee the country growing influx of low skilled enabling companies in distress to the Asian growth is to cope. Companies seek refuge in more stable areas and Asia will occupy the largest share of the market.

The strategy of mixing people mutilated in Africa but in contrast to expectations by division no absolute power over the continent to Western leaders gave, also led in Indonesia and New Guinea in particular to a similar blunder of violence and catastrophe.

The strategy of people mingling in Africa mutilated but contrary to expectations by division no absolute power over the continent to Western leaders gave, nor any contributions to the widening of markets and profits, also led in Indonesia and in particular New Guinea to similar blunder of violence and catastrophe. These strategies also threaten Western society; while the local unit ofAsia's the economic helm inevitably take over. Europe is currently economically from various directions, threatening, while the unstable Eastern Europe, the European community into question will set, it is the impact of a royal family on the politics of democracy and stability of a central country like Belgium undermines, and overall instability guarantees enabling all associated countries be sucked while only a few very wealthy speculators know by shifting their capital to be increased, the western European population and to meet next a dark future.


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